Propecia Generic — The Simplest Way on How to Stop Hair Loss

Throughout the dawn of man, hair loss has likely been an issue for many.  The condition not only prevents a man from acquiring a more suitable mate, but it can destroy his overall appearance, especially if that person was once overly proud on how his hair looks.  These days, it is not uncommon to see young men combing their hair on nearly every mirror they see.  However, if they have the genetic trait of hair loss in their DNA, at a certain age, their overly care on how their hair looks will be gone as most of their concern will be how to save themselves from losing their hair.

There are actually an abundance of hair treatments out there with some even claiming to stop hair loss.  While many of these products can be deemed as effective in helping to promote hair growth, but when it is pitted against the thinning of hair follicles, these hair loss products simply cannot do anything.  These days though, the most effective and simplest way in stopping hair loss is through the use of a medication called finasteride.

There are actually two types of finasteride dosage – 5mg and 1mg.  The finasteride dosage of 5mg was initially the first medication that was created by Merck and is dedicated for the treatment of prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia.  During its testing stages, participants taking the finasteride dosage notice an improvement in their hair loss condition.  This did not just happened with one or two participants, but with almost all participants that were also experiencing male pattern baldness.  This allowed Merck to take notice and conduct its own research on this potentially beneficial side effect.  In their research, they were able to conclude that the finasteride dosage needed for the treatment of hair loss was only 1mg.  This is the reason why there are two finasteride dosage.  The finasteride dosage of 5mg is for the treatment of prostate enlargement, and the finasteride dosage of 1mg is for the treatment of male pattern baldness.

The thing that makes finasteride very effective in stopping in stopping male pattern baldness from progressing is that it stops the condition at its root cause – the hormones.  There are actually three factors needed for male pattern baldness to be triggered – genetics, hormones, and age.  While there is really nothing you can do about genetic traits and age, with hormones, it is actually possible to do or alter something that can prevent or inhibit the course of a disease, condition, or disorder.  In this case, the finasteride dosage of 1mg prevents the excessive levels of dihydrotestosterone, the very hormone that is responsible in the thinning out of the hair follicles.

Since finasteride dosage only comes in two, 5mg and 1mg, some men who are trying to treat their balding issues either buy the finasteride dosage 1mg, or they buy the finasteride dosage 5mg and simply cut the pill in four.  This way, their finasteride dosage of just 1mg is increase to 1.25mg.  They believe that this helps in accelerating their treatment.  Either way, finasteride can easily be considered as the simplest way in stopping your hair loss condition.