Propecia Generic – The Best Hair Loss Cure for Your Balding Head

Although they may not show it, most guys too are concerned about their image on how they look.  You may not see them going to beauty salons to pamper themselves, but when they start to grow some baldness, they become concerned about it and try to take measures in order to stop it.  The truth is, male pattern baldness has always been a problem for many men since time immemorial.  Many have taken great lengths to have their head grow hair again.  Sadly, most of the cure or treatment they ever really use treats hair loss only at a superficial level.  Creams and ointments can only do so much in the treatment of hair loss.  To really cure this male pattern baldness, one needs to go much deeper than the scalp itself in order to treat it.  This is where Propecia generic is very capable at.

In the beginning, Propecia generic was never really intended for treating male pattern baldness.  Its active ingredient, finasteride, at much higher doses, is actually developed to treat abnormal prostate enlargements.  However, those who participated in the clinical study of Proscar, noticed improvements in their other condition which was hair loss.  Merck, took notice of this and tried to research on this beneficial side effect.  They later found out that at only 20 percent of the dosage of Proscar, you will be able to treat male pattern baldness.  The dosage for Proscar is 5mg and the dosage for Propecia generic is 1mg.

The thing that makes Propecia generic very effective in treating baldness is that it treats it at the hormonal level.  You need to keep in mind that male pattern baldness is hereditary in nature.  This means if your father or brother are bald, it is likely that you yourself will also grow bald.  What triggers the balding condition though is hormone and age.  Age is something that you cannot control, but hormone, possibly, is something you can.  Propecia generic does this exactly.

Once you have the genetic trait in your DNA, the excessive presence of the hormone dihydrotestosterone will trigger the balding process.  What Propecia generic does in stopping this is that it inhibits the further production of dihydrotestosterone.  Basically, dihydrotestosterone is a byproduct of testosterone and the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase.  By inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha reductase in converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, essentially, you limit the levels of dihydrotestosterone in the scalp.  This therefore stops the hair follicles from thinning out and also is able to recover should they have thinned out.  For this reason, Propecia generic can be said as the most effective hair loss cure there is.  In fact, Propecia generic is the only medication that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of hair loss.

The balding process that men encounter falls under a pattern.  This usually starts off with the reduction of hair line and the clearing on the top of the head.  If you notice this already occurring to you, the most reliable way in stopping it from progressing is through the use of Propecia generic.