Propecia Generic – An Effective Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Are you tired of your bald look everytime you see yourself in front of the mirror? Have you tried so hard to cure your hair loss to the point of spending a lot of money just to get back your full head of hair? Tired of herbal supplements that do not have any effects at all? The stop your dilemma today because there is only one medication so far that has been proven to be the most effective solution against hair loss in men. The drug propecia generic has been proven as an effective medication to help men prevent further hair loss and get back their hair strands in a short period of time.

Hair loss in men, or also known as male pattern baldness or alopecia, is a common sexually related disorder among the male population. The causes are generally hormonal that is why if you are not dealing the problem in the hormonal level then you won’t get your hair back. So far only propecia generic can do that. Propecia generic has been designed to help men conquer hair loss symptoms by managing the problem through the hormonal level and stop further loss

We say the baldness in men is due to hormonal imbalances because it is genetically part of their DNA as men. At a certain point of their lives, their testosterone level (a manly hormone) is being converted into diydrotestosterone or DHT by alpha reductase type 5 enzymes. At this point, as the DHT levels continue to accumulate, it provides a number of side effects such as an increased risk of prostate enlargement and male pattern baldness. Too much amount of DHT can harm the hair follicles which are factory of your hair production. In due time they continue to shrink because of the presence of DHT; and as they do the hair strands they produce becomes smaller and smaller which can be hardly seen by the naked eye. This is why they appear to look like bald.

So how does propecia generic help to solve the issue? By taking propecia generic, men are able to recover back their hair as the drug effectively blocks the enzymes that convert the testosterone hormones into DHT. Therefore further shrinkage of the hair follicles is halted and you are able to get back your full head of hair within the treatment period.

However there are pros and cons when using propecia generic. Always remember that any contraindications with the propecia generic treatment can be dangerous and lead to complications. If you are not sure about this, it is important that you consult your doctor first to check whether propecia generic is safe for you or not. Taking other medications together with propecia generic can also be harmful as it can cause drug interactions. For most cases, a lot of men who used propecia generic did not experience any worse side effects and they were able to recover from hair loss. Some doctors also recommend the use of propecia generic after a hair transplant for optimum results.