How to Use Finasteride 5mg for Hair Loss

Finasteride 5mg is a treatment drug that was engineered by the pharmaceutical company, Merck, for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.  During the testing stages of finasteride 5mg, they found out that the drug has a side effect that will benefit men who are losing hair due to androgenic alopecia.  The research that was conducted by Merck on this side effect revealed that it only takes 1mg of finasteride to effectively start the treatment for male pattern baldness.  This actually was a win-win situation for the pharmaceutical giant because the drug that they have developed can be used two conditions – finasteride 5mg for benign prostatic hyperplasia and finasteride 1mg for male pattern baldness.

The treatment performed by the finasteride drug they created faired very well – a dream scenario for any pharmaceutical company.  Since the overall chemical formulation of the drug for treatment is just the same, there was really no need for additional expensive research and development for the accidentally discovered side effect.  The difference between treating the two conditions was simply a matter of difference in dosaging.  Finasteride 5mg was released with the brand name Proscar, and finasteride 1mg was released using the brand name Propecia.

Both finasteride 5mg and finasteride 1mg treatment have no difference in their chemical formulation so essentially, you can use finasteride 5mg for the treatment of hair loss and you can also use finasteride 1mg for the treatment of the enlarging of the prostate, but using a few more doses at a time in order for the treatment to be more effective.  To use finasteride 1mg in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia is highly impractical as the need for a higher dose for the treatment to be effective is necessary.  However, this cannot be said for finasteride 5mg because you can very much do so use finasteride 5mg in treating male pattern baldness.

The thing about finasteride 5mg and finasteride 1mg is that their pricing is not relatively proportional.  This means that weight-on-weight, finasteride 1mg is a little bit pricier.  Due to this difference in pricing, some men with hair loss issues resorted into using finasteride 5mg in treating their balding condition.  However, this does not mean they use the whole finasteride 5mg in just one treatment dosing.  No!  Taking a higher dose of finasteride will not actually help accelerate the treatment of hair loss.

The thing is that there is actually a method on how you can take advantage of the better price of finasteride 5mg in treating hair fall.  What they do is that they slice the finasteride 5mg pill into four parts using a pill slicer and use the 1.25mg part for their regular treatment dose of the drug.  The additional quarter of a milligram may actually help better in increasing the potency of the drug as opposed to simply just using the whole finasteride 5mg.  This method of using finasteride 5mg for treating hair loss can in fact provide at least some extra savings for those who are tight on their budget.