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There are literally two types of bald men – those who chose to be bald but are not really bald and can still grow their hair if they choose to, and those who have become bald due to a genetic condition called androgenic alopecia or more popularly known as male pattern baldness.  If you have inherited this genetic condition, it is likely that you do not like it and have tried all sorts of treatment but to no avail.  The thing is that most of the hair loss treatments you apply on your scalp are not really effective and only tend to delay the progress of your hair loss condition.  To effectively remedy your hair loss issue, you need to use finasteride 1mg generic.

There are many types of hair loss treatment, but finasteride 1mg generic is the only remedy that you swallow.  The drug comes in the form of a pill, which you take once per day.  Unlike other treatments that are only applied at scalp level and therefore does their treatment at scalp level as well, finasteride 1mg generic works its treatment stuff from inside your body – at hormonal levels.  This is what makes finasteride 1mg generic very effective and why more and more men with male pattern baldness issue choose it as their primary hair loss treatment.

The issue with every hair loss product is that you need to use them continuous, with finasteride 1mg generic being no different.  This means you have to spend money for the treatment of your hair fall.  One way to get around the costly expense of hair loss treatment is to buy generic treatment.  Propecia, the branded name of the hair loss drug, goes by the generic name finasteride 1mg.  You are likely to save a lot of money when you buy generic.

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