Generic Finasteride 1mg Pros and Cons

The drug generic finasteride 1mg has been long known as the ultimate solution to treat alopecia in men. It offers the advantages that no other similar drugs can provide. As what we might already know, alopecia in men or the condition also known as the male pattern baldness is basically a hormonal problem which is why it is commonly hereditary. Untimely baldness can be rooted from your genes and you can’t do almost anything about it but take drugs like generic finasteride 1mg, or go or an expensive hair transplant.

First of all, how does generic finasteride 1mg take action inside your body? Normally, the human scalp is made up numerous hair follicles which are known as the factory of hair strands. It is actually normal to loose about 100 strands of hair a day, but going beyond these number can be an obvious indicator of hair loss problem. Women might have other causes of hair loss than men. For the male population, hair loss can be due to stress, aging, a medical problem, drugs being taken, or the one mentioned above which is hormonal imbalances. Normally, all men have the hormone testosterone, a hormone responsible for the manly physique of a man. Due to a chemical process, certain enzymes begin to convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This chemical is dangerous for the hair follicles when it begins to reach to a certain level. Over time, as DHT increases, the hair follicles also begin to shrink. This in return causes the thinning of hair until such a time comes when the hair strands are no longer visible to the eye since they are too small and thin. What generic finasteride 1mg can do is to stop the enzymes from converting testosterone into DHT. Once DHT levels go down, the hair follicles begin to produce again cosmetically accepted hair strands. Thus as long as you take generic finasteride 1mg you will have the thick hair strands that you have always wanted.

The medication generic finasteride 1mg has its own pros and cons as well. We have known the perks of using generic finasteride 1mg already. We know that generic finasteride 1mg is much more affordable than an expensive hair transplant and yet you get the desired results in a span of weeks. However the disadvantage is that if you stop this medication, your alopecia will eventually go back. Furthermore you can expect some side effects with the drug since it is still a drug. Some men experience tolerable side effects, while other said they have experienced ED as a side effect of taking generic finasteride 1mg. However the latter was not really proven since there is no study that can clearly prove this claim. Despite of this, a lot of men are still taking generic finasteride 1mg because it is very effective at treating alopecia, and there are only rare cases that experience serious side effects.

In summary, it is very important that you balance out the pros and cons before using generic finasteride 1mg. Consult your doctor to know more about generic finasteride 1mg.