Finasteride 5mg – A Drug Overview

When hormonal imbalances attack, a lot of problems can be done in your body. For instance, when men suffer benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness, it means that a lot of their testosterone hormones have been converted into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Although this is very normal in a man’s physique, too much production of it can lead to hormonal imbalances, with BPH and MPB as the major consequences. For years, finasteride 5mg has been the most effective weapon against this male issue.

What is finasteride 5mg?

Finasteride 5mg belongs to the synthetic 4-astreoid drugs intended to inhibit 5α-reductase of type II enzymes. These enzymes are capable of converting testosterone into DHT. However, as what we have mentioned too much DHT can lead to problems like untimely baldness and prostate enlargement. The physical form of finasteride 5mg is white crystalline powder and water insoluble.

How does finasteride 5mg work?

Normally, when the alpha 5 reductase enzymes convert testosterone into DHT, the DHT levels may accumulate in time and become harmful to the hair follicles. Hair follicles gradually shrink, producing less visible hair in the long run. As the follicles continue to get smaller, so are the hairs being produced. When the hair becomes too small to see your naked eyes may not be able to it, making you look like bald. A lot of men who are conscious with their crowning glory find this disorder very frustrating, especially for younger men who have experienced the baldness in their 20s. In that case the most common and easiest solution is to go for treatments like finasteride 5mg. Finasteride 5mg works by preventing the activities of the enzymes from converting testosterone into DHT, thus saving your follicles from shrinkage. If you think you are not comfortable with your new look which will eventually lead to baldness, then finasteride 5mg treatment could be your best option. Others might also resort to hair surgery in combination with finasteride 5mg treatment. Ask your doctor which is appropriate for your condition so that you can get your full head of hair back.

Aside from hair loss, DHT can also increase the risk of a man in acquiring prostate enlargement or BPH. This disorder can be very dangerous when not treated immediately since it can block the passage for urination, and further cause infections. Recently studies have shown that using finasteride 5mg can indeed reduce the risk of prostate enlargement. Men who are susceptible or have already acquired BPH may now be prescribed with finasteride 5mg. Finasteride 5mg has been proven effective in reducing the size of the prostate until it is back to its normal size. However, finasteride 5mg may not be effective for treating prostate cancer.

Are there any side effects with finasteride 5mg?

Since finasteride 5mg is a drug, side effects can possibly occur. However, you can prevent or lessen these when you follow your doctor’s order, and you work together with your health care providernto get the desired results. You may ask your doctor for a complete information about the possible side effects of finasteride 5mg.