Daily Dose of Finasteride Generic can bring Back Life to Your Male Baldness

Finasteride generic is the generic form of Propecia.  Propecia was actually developed by Merck and it is by far the only medication that is meant for treating male pattern baldness.  This drug is actually very effective in treating such because it is able to treat the cause from within the body and not just on the external portion such as the scalp.

Many people are hesitant when it comes to using generic medications, possibly because they have an understanding that generic drugs are made using low quality ingredients and substandard manufacturing process.  Sadly, while this is true in some cases, it is important to never generalize all generic medications as there are still a lot of generic drugs out there that are being made using the exact same ingredients as their branded counterpart uses.  Although the manufacturing process may differ a bit due to the high tech facility that giant pharmaceuticals use, still, generic manufacturers are still nowhere to be wary about.  One good example is the drug finasteride generic, made after the branded drug, Propecia.  Finasteride generic is equally as effective as its branded counterpart because they are made using the very same ingredients used by Merck in making Propecia.  In essence, the overall effect of both finasteride generic and Propecia should just be the same.

As mentioned earlier, finasteride generic and its branded sibling are the only medications used for the treatment of male pattern baldness.  What makes finasteride generic very effective in treating hair loss conditions brought about by androgenic alopecia is that finasteride generic treats the condition itself from within the body, at a hormonal level.  There are actually three things necessary for the balding process of male pattern baldness to transpire – age, genetics, and hormones.  If you have the genetic trait within you, then your only chance of treating the condition is through your hormones, by using finasteride generic.

The hormone that trigger balding is called dihydrotestosterone.  This hormone thins out the hair follicles, which is why in the initial stages of the balding process, parts of the scalp can be seen through the hair.  Finasteride generic is basically a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor.  Basically what this means is that it stops, inhibits, or prevents the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.  Since dihydrotestosterone is a byproduct of the hormone testosterone and enzyme 5-alpha reductase, the mechanism of action of finasteride generic is able to prevent the increased production of dihydrotestosterone, which in turn stops the hair follicles from thinning.  This is actually the magic of finasteride generic, an action which no other hair loss treatment drugs can compete with.

The problem with hormonal treatment is that it requires a daily dosing of the drug.  Fortunately, there is finasteride generic which is only a fraction of the price of the branded drug Propecia.  Through the use of finasteride generic, you are able to save significantly on treatment medications and therefore are able to get more dosages from the same price you get with branded drugs.  This is the reason why more and more men with hair loss issues are using finasteride generic more than its branded counterpart since both drugs have virtually just the same overall effect.  The advent of generic medications like finasteride generic are simply a blessing for those people who are tight on the budget or people who simply want to get the most out of their money.