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Male pattern baldness is a genetic issue.  If your father or older brothers are growing bald, then there is a high chance that you will also grow bald yourself.  It is not easy becoming bald, especially if your hair helps in accentuating your overall looks.  Sadly, those who have the genetic condition have no choice but to let fate take its course.  The truth is that there are many hair loss treatments available in the market.  However, these treatments does nothing in really treating the hair loss condition itself.  Basically, these hair fall remedies are applied on the scalp and only slows down the progression of the condition.

The only treatment for hair loss, so far, comes in the form of Propecia.  Propecia is in the form of an oral drug, which you ingest.  This means that its treatment magic works from the inside and not on scalp level only like what the competition offers.  In fact, Propecia is the only hair loss treatment drug that has been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration in the US.  For this reason, if you suffer from hair loss and would like an effective treatment solution for your hair fall condition, use Propecia as this will definitely help you with your hair loss issue.

The reason why Propecia is effective in remedying male pattern baldness is that it inhibits the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone which is essentially responsible for the thinning of hair follicles.  By lowering the levels of this hormone, Propecia is able to stop your hair loss from progressing as well as helping some of your hair follicles recover from the thinning dihydrotestosterone has brought them.

Propecia is more of like a hormonal treatment.  That being said, it means that you need to regularly take Propecia for its treatment effect to continue on working, otherwise, the regeneration you have made within the months of treatment will be reversed to where you initially started.  Of course, regular use of Propecia can be costly for some which is why they need to get the most savings or the best deals possible when buying Propecia.

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