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Are the Side Effects of Finasteride Generic Reversible?

Finasteride generic is a popular medication for men suffering male pattern baldness or hair loss in men. The drug finasteride generic acts as an inhibitor to certain enzymes responsible for hair loss. Normally, these enzymes are responsible for the conversion of testosterone into DHT. When too much DHT is accumulated in your system, it can cause the hair follicles to shrink, leading to the thinning of hair. With finasteride generic, these enzyme activities are halted and your hair follicles go back to their normal size so that it can produce again cosmetically acceptable hair strands.

Although finasteride generic is a safe drug to use, a lot of men are so concerned whether its side effects are reversible or not. Since finasteride generic is a drug, it cannot promise zero side effects. Just like the other drugs finasteride generic might have some side effects; however the good news is that most of these symptoms are reversible. This means that your symptoms will eventually go away when you stop the medication. However, this also means that your DHT goes back to its normal level and so you will get your hair loss symptoms again. Despite of the minor side effects, the symptoms are not too bothersome for most users since they still continued the medication. This means that the side effects are generally negligible. So what are these side effects? This article will give you a short overview.

Decreased Libido

It has been reported that men using finasteride generic are experiencing sexual issues like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculation problems. According to clinical trials, only less than 4 percent of the users reported to have experienced these symptoms. This means that this side effect is actually very rare. However, if you happen to have this problem while on finasteride generic then you can expect the symptoms to go away once you stop the treatment. Some men who pursued using finasteride generic despite of the symptoms reported that the side effects eventually decreased. This means that this problem could be temporary as your body is still adjusting with the drug. Once your body has adjusted, then you should get back your normal body condition. Continue reading