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What is Propecia Generic? Is Propecia Generic Safe?

For those who are suffering from a genetically balding condition called androgenic alopecia, the only true treatment medication they can really rely upon is the drug called finasteride.  This hair loss treatment option is actually a medication that is ingested orally.  Through this, it is able to work its magic treatment from within the body, and not like the ones that are only externally applied.  This form of inner treatment against androgenic alopecia is actually a breakthrough treatment that no one has ever thought about as the discovery of the drugs treatment process was only by accident, a side effect of an intended treatment.

What is drug finasteride?  This drug was actually developed by the pharmaceutical company Merck towards the treatment of a prostate condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).  During Merck’s clinical testing of finasteride, some participants of the testing phase who also happened to undergo male pattern baldness reported of improvements in the overall status of their hair.  Some reported of the stopping of their hair fall, some reported of improvement in the health of their hair strands, while others reported of significant improvement in their hairline.  Since the reports of similar side effects were too many to ignore, Merck took notice and performed its own research on this certain side effect that is proving to be beneficial, not just for balding men, but also for the company in terms of revenue. Continue reading