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Treatment and Prevention of Hair Loss via Propecia

Have you ever wondered why you have been one of those who suffer from hair loss?  A lot of people who are going through this rather embarrassing state may know what causes their hair loss, but they cannot do anything about it, and so they let it run its course.  For those who address their hair as their “crowning glory”, it would be extremely devastating for them if they ever experience balding issues in their life.

The most cases of hair loss in people are because of androgenetic alopecia.  About 50% of males by 50 years of age and about 15% of females before they reach menopause have varying degrees of androgenetic alopecia.  There are three types:

  • Scarring alopecia – hair loss that comes from scarring, wherein there will be no growth of hair on the scarred areas.  It can be caused by different factors.  For instance, a fungal infection can leave you with permanent bald patches.
  • Telogen effluvium – hair loss linked to pregnancy, stresses in life, medication intake, or surgery.  The growth of one’s hair is divided into stages, and if you have this condition, your hair is spending more time in its resting (telogen) state, the time when the hairs are ready to fall out.  This condition normally goes away on its own after several months. Continue reading