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Are the Side Effects of Propecia Generic Reversible?

Propecia generic has been known as the most popular drug to treat hair loss problems and reverse baldness among men. It is FDA approved, thus, boasts itself of being safe and effective for dealing hair loss issues in men. Propecia generic basically works by attacking the enzymes causing hormonal imbalances. You should not be surprised why hormonal imbalances should be dealt with since it is the major cause of hair thinning. All men have testosterone and, at the right time, are converted into DHT by 5 alpha reductase enzymes. As what we may all have learned, higher levels of DHT can harm the hair follicles. When DHT is accumulated into the scalp tissues, it will cause the hair follicles to shrink. This shrinkage will, in return, produce thinner hair. As time goes by, the cycle repeats until the follicles are no longer capable of producing visible hair strands. This is the reason why men seem to look bald, but actually the hair strands are just too thin to be seen with the naked eyes. But baldness should not be a threat anymore since propecia generic can take care all of these.

Since propecia generic is a drug, you might expect some unwanted side effects. A study have revealed that around 5 percent of men using propecia generic may acquire the effects, while most of them were able to appreciate the results without suffering the side effects. But are these unlikable effects reversible? Absolutely yes. If ever you are unfortunate enough to experience the side effects, your system can recover as soon as you stop taking propecia generic. Continue reading

Treating Male Pattern Baldness at its Root Cause

Male pattern baldness has always been a problematic issue for a lot of men.  Of course different men react differently to the issue.  While others simply allow the condition to run its course, others on the other hand try to find ways on how to stop it and even resort to wearing wigs or have surgical implants of hair just to hide their bald spot.  This may seem outrageous for some, but if part of your identity is how you present yourself to others, then the course of action may be justified.

In the past, the normal course of treatment for hair loss would be to apply topical ointments or cream to help increase hair growth.  The problem is this would not fair much when hair growing creams are faced with the condition of androgenic alopecia.  This is because this condition thins out the hair follicle which is why at first the scalp becomes somewhat visible through the hair.  After a while, the thinning of the hair follicle has come to an extent that it is no longer able to support the growth of hair.  This is the point where a lot of hair loss occurs because the connection is being shed off by the hair follicle itself. Continue reading